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Who’s on tour in the 614?

Welcome to, home to central Ohio’s most premier music critic showcasing local bands and reviewing touring acts in and around ColumBUS, Ohio. 

So, why Columbus? 

Often called the heart of the heartland, Columbus is a growing metropolis in the Midwest experiencing its own modern-day renaissance. While not well-known for its iconic music venues, like our gritty cultural rival on the shores of Lake Erie, Columbus is showing plenty of spunk in its rapidly growing club scene fueled by vibrant countercultural and social justice movements and supported economically by a number of growing industries. 

Some may say that Columbus doesn’t have the best of anything, but what we do have is access to nearly everything, including world-renowned artists, creative showcases, local start-ups, and gourmet restaurants. In fact, Columbus is so centrally located that nearly 50% of the country is accessible within the proximity of an eight-hour or less car ride, which means I can easily see the hottest bands and attend the most anticipated festivals while exploring the best of the Midwest. 

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