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Five Things We LOVED About Camp Punksylvania 2023

Updated: Jul 2

With Camp Punksylvania 2024 only days away, I wanted to showcase a handful of my favorite things from last year, so you can see why we talk so much about this particular event. 1. The Unmatched Community Spirit and Camping Experience

One of the most remarkable aspects of Camp Punksylvania is the unparalleled sense of community that it fosters. From the moment attendees arrive, there is a palpable feeling of camaraderie and unity. The camping experience plays a significant role in this, as it brings people together in a shared space, creating opportunities for spontaneous interactions and new friendships.

War on Women performing at Camp Punksylvania

Camping at Camp Punksylvania is more than just a place to sleep; it’s an integral part of the festival experience. The campsite transforms into a vibrant community where attendees can bond over shared interests and create lasting memories. The Fire Stage, a unique feature of the festival, allows the music and merriment to continue through the night without disturbing those who wish to rest. This thoughtful setup ensures that everyone can enjoy the festival at their own pace, whether they prefer late-night revelry or peaceful relaxation.

Black Guy Fawkes performing on the Fire Stage at Camp Punksylvania

2. Riot Squad Media’s Impressive Organization

The female-owned and operated Riot Squad Media team demonstrated their exceptional organizational skills and dedication by putting together what many consider to be the best festival in the country. Despite having fewer resources compared to larger festivals like Punk in Drublic and Punk Rock Bowling, Riot Squad Media managed to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Tsunami Bomb Closing Night 1 at Camp Punksylvania 2023

Their ability to create such a successful and immersive festival is a testament to their hard work and vision. The catchphrase, "This is a Cult," perfectly captures the loyalty and dedication of its attendees, who return year after year, drawn by the unique atmosphere and the sense of belonging that Camp Punksylvania provides.

3. The Performances: Coffee with Lions and Oh the Humanity

The festival lineup was a major highlight, featuring incredible performances from bands like Coffee with Lions and Oh the Humanity. Coffee with Lions kicked off the festival with a dynamic and electrifying set that set the tone for the entire weekend. Their energy and passion were contagious, leaving the audience exhilarated and eager for more.

Coffee With Lions proving they were the best choice possible for kicking off the festivities at Camp Punksylvania

Oh the Humanity’s performance was equally impressive, blending intensity and emotion in a way that captivated the audience. Their music resonated deeply with attendees, adding to the festival's vibrant and diverse musical experience. Both bands exemplified the raw talent and spirit of punk rock, making their performances unforgettable highlights of the weekend.

OH The Humanity slaying on the main stage at Camp Punksylvania

4. The Relaxed and Intimate Sampler Stage

The Sampler Stage offered a more intimate setting where attendees could enjoy music up close and personal. This stage provided a relaxed environment that complemented the high-energy performances on the main stages. It was here that many discovered new favorite bands and enjoyed unique, stripped-down sets that showcased the versatility and range of the artists.

The Chemical Imbalance closing the Sampler Stage

One standout performance on the Sampler Stage was by The Chemical Imbalance. Their set was a perfect blend of raw energy and thoughtful lyricism, creating an engaging and memorable experience for all who attended. The intimacy of the Sampler Stage allowed for a deeper connection between the artists and the audience, enhancing the overall festival experience.

5. Inclusive and Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Camp Punksylvania managed to strike a perfect balance between the rebellious spirit of punk rock and family-friendly fun. The festival was designed to be inclusive, welcoming attendees of all ages and backgrounds. The opening toast with PBR and Kool-Aid Jammers set the tone for a weekend where everyone, including children and sober companions, could feel included and celebrated.

Weftin of The Chemical Imbalance receiving a warm reception on the Sampler Stage at Camp Punksylvania

This inclusive atmosphere was further enhanced by the thoughtful touches and accommodations provided throughout the festival. From the diverse food options to the accessible facilities, Camp Punksylvania ensured that everyone could enjoy the festival to the fullest. This commitment to inclusivity and accessibility is one of the many reasons why Camp Punksylvania stands out as a truly exceptional festival.

*** We hope to see you all at Camp Punksylvania 2024. Until next time, stay safe in the pit.

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